On editing…


It’s hard to edit your own work, but when you are self-publishing and broke, there are little other choices. I am editing a novel that I haven’t read in a while so it isn’t “fresh” in my mind. I think this is the key to looking at something objectively. Also, the book Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King is a wonderful resource.  (Here)

It’s a terrible feeling to find mistakes in something you have already put out there. I hope people understand why such things occur. We try to make things the best we can but after the 484th time of reading something, your eyes glaze over and you mind turns to mush.

Hopefully, if someone were truly interested in picking up an author, they would see the potential in the the writing, not that the spell check failed. Maybe I have rose colored glasses on though…

So, just do the best you can and fix mistakes as they are noted. No one is perfect, as hard we try to be! We can only do what we can do.


One thought on “On editing…

  1. I can relate! I’m in the same boat, although I do find it helpful to have a number of friends & family read my work. Whether they’re just reading and giving feedback or editing, find a close group of people to help you. Something else I am planning to do with the novelette I’m working on now – have a few pre-copies printed out, give them to your trusted circle to read with a pen and let them go to town… Then you can look through their notes at your leisure and rework. Wish I could help!

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