A Writer Must Do More Than Write.


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Publishing Superstar

Recently, while editing at my second office in Starbucks, I met with a writer friend who just landed a literary agent. She looked at me eagerly and asked, “So what’s next?” Her novel sounds so compelling, I’m confident she will land a deal. The only challenge is that she has been home writing and raising her children. That didn’t leave much time to interact with her audience. Consequently, one of the first things an editor looks for in a book proposal or coverletter is the author’s bio and platform. Who is this person and how can she help us sell her book?  A writer must do more than write. The biggest challenge for most regular people like me, not Oprah, is: how in the world am I supposed to build a platform and then make it so attractive to my ideal readers that they will follow my every word and buy my books? I’m a regular person; talk and talk about my book? That sounds like a job…

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