Scared Shitless


I’m scared shitless to trade one of my ebook(s) for an “honest review”. How do you get over the nervousness of giving someone your baby because they might smash it to bits? They also might give you a winning lotto ticket. To anyone out there that does this on a regular basis, how do you handle a bad review?


5 thoughts on “Scared Shitless

  1. This is clearly a big issue, but at some point reviews will come whether you ask for them or not (if you are lucky). If you take a look at reviewer’s reviews you might be able to find someone who does not take work to pieces just for the fun of it.

    It is really unfortunate but there are very very few ocassions where you (or any of us) will be able to make everyone happy. It is worth trying not to take any negative feedback personally because the reader can only read through the lenses they are wearing that day.

    The answer is to let your baby fly to as many reviewers as you can and with luck some decent responses will come your way!

  2. good luck! Getting reviews is both the most exciting and scary thing at the same time. Getting your first negative review is like a rite of passage for all writers. it’s going to happen eventually and you can’t please everyone. But I’m sure lots of people will love your writing and those reviews will make your day.

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