Excerpt from my new e-novella, The Appleton House



I left my Caterpillar boots at the landing and I stripped off my dusty blue Whitaker Carpentry polo and threw it onto my bed.
Something moved to my right, on the sofa. “Hi.”
“Jesus Christ!”
“Oh, did I scare you?”
I scrubbed my face with my hands. “Sloan, what the hell are you doing in here?”
She stood and took a few steps toward me. The tight red, low-cut top she wore gave me a clue as to why she was there.
“I just wanted to make sure that you had everything you needed. You know, that you are comfortable.”
“I’m fine. You should go. Now.”
She frowned, then her eyes dropped to my bare chest then floated even lower.
“Hey.” I snapped my fingers. “Now.”
“Alright. I’ll bring you some fresh baked cookies later.”
“I’m on a diet.”
She shrugged and smiled slyly. “It’s part of our hospitality policy.”
“Hmm. Well maybe you could knock or something next time. Or you know, say something before I get half undressed.”
She looked to the floor for a moment then nodded. She stole one last look at me, descended the stairs then shut the door slowly.
For fuck’s sake, was she trying to get me thrown in jail? Not to mention fired from this job. As a ridiculous precaution, I went and locked the door. If I was going to get in the shower, I didn’t want some juvenile making sure I had clean towels or help wash my back.
A beer and some Family Guy and I was out like a light. I was happy to not find cookies on my nightstand in the morning.


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