Classics that are actually worth it?


Classics that are actually worth it?

My favorite book (and movie) is The count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!!) I have not read a lot of the “classics”. I am trying to remedy this but when I read the blurbs, I have no interest in the subject matter. Dystopian future where we’re all being watched, rabbits talking, a really stupid college kid that wants a job with rye or something (I have read that one, unfortunately- hated it). What classics are REALLY worth reading? For the record, I am never reading War and Peace, so forget it. 🙂
On my currently reading list: Pride and Prejudice, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest


3 thoughts on “Classics that are actually worth it?

  1. limebirdkate

    I had to read quite a bit of classics in high school and college-some are worth it, others not. This one I have never read, and thank you for reminding me! It had once been on my to-read list, then somehow it was squelched in favor of something else, oh who knows. Anyway, I am putting it back on my list right now! 🙂

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