Report: Google Smartwatch Production Almost Ready to Roll



The Wall Street Journal has weighed in on recent rumors of a Google smartwatch.

According to the paper’s unnamed sources, the watch is “in late-stage development,” and Google is talking with suppliers in Asia about mass production:

The new device, which will run on Android, will be integrated with Google Now, the company’s intelligent personal assistant that can answer questions, make recommendations and predict what information users need based on what they are doing, a person familiar with the situation said. Google has also been working to reduce power consumption on the smartwatch so it won’t require frequent battery charges, the person said.

A similar story came up earlier this month, when 9to5Google reported that the watch was “happening soon.” Google also acquired WIMM during the summer of 2012, showing that the company is at least interested in building its own watch.

Google Now is a natural fit for a…

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I’m pretty dang fortunate…


I'm pretty dang fortunate...

How many people can say that they are in the thank yous of their favorite band’s debut album? … can text their favorite singer/guitarist/merch bro? Can jump in the van and have great conversations about life after the show? Eat dinner with the band before and after the show? Always get their name mentioned on stage? Are trusted enough to have things mailed to their house because of tour timing? I’m so lucky that I can have these experiences and am eternally grateful for them. I’m not bragging, it’s just crazy. How is this my life? I don’t care- I love it! I’m not a groupie, I’m a super fan. These guys are like my brothers and I want the best for them. I’ve seen them grow so much in the past several years. I just love them to pieces! What a fantastic night!
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