The Appleton House by Nicole Castro


The Appleton House by Nicole Castro

Check out my review! I like their choices for the cast but here’s my vision:



My new leading man – Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)


My new leading man - Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)

I’m going for something a little different this time- a suspense type of book instead of a romance. I am not going to reveal the name of this new ebook until it is ready for publishing. Let’s keep some mystery since it is a suspense, eh? Let’s just say it involves a CIA agent and his training set in Paris. I’m going to enjoy this wild new ride!

Hey pretty lady!


Hey pretty lady!

It hasn’t been much of a summer here in Michigan with it getting into the fifties every night, but the weather is warming up, finally! Mrs. Justin Timerlake there looks like a summer goddess and is the inspiration for Paris “Perry” Appleton in my new adult contemporary romance novella, THE APPLETON HOUSE. It will come out in September, 2013! Watch for her struggle figuring out her future when carpenter Ashe Whitaker waltzes in and turns things upside down for her seemingly perfect life- and relationship! You can check out my current releases here:
Enjoy the weather while you can because we’ll be raking before you know it!

My ebooks for sale CHEAP!


My ebooks for sale CHEAP!

Promoting yourself sure is exhausting. There are so many social media outlets that you have to keep up with and think of new ways to market your books. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Vine, WordPress- not to mention any writing chat boards. I am sure family and friends are sick of seeing my daily pushes for my ebooks, but I have a dream. (Hey, that sounds familiar.) You have to push in order to make that dream become a smidge of a reality.

It’s not about the money. Thirty-five percent of $1.29 is not going to make me rich and I don’t think any writer is in it for the money. Writing is inside of us. Our characters bitch at us to tell their story. Standing with their arms folded over their chests, feet tapping.

So get out there and share statuses, Like, RT, comment- support people that have dreams. Whether they are a painter, a drummer, a fellow writer, a hair stylist… We all want to be more than we are. We all have to lift each other up so we can all succeed. It’s all about the #LRS – Love. Respect. Support.