~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!


~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!

Everyone loves Superman- especially now that he is being played by hot British actor Henry Cavill. Check out the recent interview I did with henrycavill.org and read how I used him as inspiration for my historical romance novel, THE DUCHESS’ RING.


Nook – seriously, does anyone own one?


Nook - seriously, does anyone own one?

UGH. I put a few books for sale up at B&N and you only get paid once you reach a $10 threshhold. At this rate, I’ll get a check in 2017. Does everyone just have Kindles or what?? Oh and apparently hell will freeze over before I get a review!! LOL *sigh*

Just in case there is that rare person out there that wants to check out my titles: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/nicole-castro?store=ebook&keyword=nicole+castro