~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!


~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!

Everyone loves Superman- especially now that he is being played by hot British actor Henry Cavill. Check out the recent interview I did with henrycavill.org and read how I used him as inspiration for my historical romance novel, THE DUCHESS’ RING.


Have diverse characters in your novel


Have diverse characters in your novel

Hi there! It’s been a while since I have posted. I am working on my National Novel Writing Month project, The Disintegrated House, and because I am a “pantser” (I don’t outline much), I am constantly finding out new things about my characters. Danny Blacksmith (actor Daniel Henney) is a half Korean, bisexual, spent time in prison, bartender/bouncer. I think that branching out and making your characters have qualities that aren’t generic make for a more interesting story (DUH!). Danny is my main male character’s BFF since they spent time together (no, not in THAT way) in prison. Get wild with your peeps. They can be/do/have done ANYthing. No, really. ANYTHING. Don’t limit yourself in writing strictly with what you have had experience. Characters are like trees- they have their main (trunk) qualities, but they have branches and leaves too. Even different color leaves if you want to get super detailed! Ask questions. Interview. Take things that you may not find appealing and apply them. No one in real life is perfect so your characters shouldn’t be either. Happy writing and reading! ❤

Nook – seriously, does anyone own one?


Nook - seriously, does anyone own one?

UGH. I put a few books for sale up at B&N and you only get paid once you reach a $10 threshhold. At this rate, I’ll get a check in 2017. Does everyone just have Kindles or what?? Oh and apparently hell will freeze over before I get a review!! LOL *sigh*

Just in case there is that rare person out there that wants to check out my titles: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/nicole-castro?store=ebook&keyword=nicole+castro

Classics that are actually worth it?


Classics that are actually worth it?

My favorite book (and movie) is The count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!!) I have not read a lot of the “classics”. I am trying to remedy this but when I read the blurbs, I have no interest in the subject matter. Dystopian future where we’re all being watched, rabbits talking, a really stupid college kid that wants a job with rye or something (I have read that one, unfortunately- hated it). What classics are REALLY worth reading? For the record, I am never reading War and Peace, so forget it. 🙂
On my currently reading list: Pride and Prejudice, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

When it rains, it pours…


When it rains, it pours...

I was trying to decide as to what my next project would be- writing a sequel to my House book or my Winner book (I tried once already, but it just wasn’t coming out right). I was leaning toward the House book since the first, The Appleton House, was so fun to write. Well, while plotting out the second book, the third and fourth came to mind. I even cast all three books. (You can see my peeps here: http://www.pinterest.com/nicolecastro114/boards/)

Just when you are trying to squeeze blood out of a rock, you find a pint. We’ll see how it all comes together, but you have to start somewhere! GO WRITERS!!