~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!


~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!

Everyone loves Superman- especially now that he is being played by hot British actor Henry Cavill. Check out the recent interview I did with henrycavill.org and read how I used him as inspiration for my historical romance novel, THE DUCHESS’ RING.


My new leading man – Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)


My new leading man - Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)

I’m going for something a little different this time- a suspense type of book instead of a romance. I am not going to reveal the name of this new ebook until it is ready for publishing. Let’s keep some mystery since it is a suspense, eh? Let’s just say it involves a CIA agent and his training set in Paris. I’m going to enjoy this wild new ride!

I can’t wait to introduce you two!



“I can’t wait to introduce you two!

I am excited to finish Ashe Whitaker (Armie Hammer) ‘s story! It’s almost done, then some edits and fine tuning. I’ve written most of it this week (about 12,000 in one week with a full time job!). I’m pretty proud. We’re right at the end, so get ready for this charming carpenter in September!

How do you “keep on keeping on”?


I’d really like some responses to this.

I am having trouble (already) sticking with this whole ridiculous writing dream thing. It’s such a hard business and damaging to the ego. Seeing people that have far more exposure than I do, far more Facebook likes, far more advertising and budget, have an agent- STRUGGLE- how in the blue hell am *I* supposed to make a name for myself? Let’s just throw this out there too: EL James is worth 15 million dollars. 15 MILLION.

How do you know that you are good enough or even have the potential to be good enough? The unfortunate thing is that you have to be judged by someone else in order to “know” that.

I find myself having anxiety and near panic attacks thinking about it.

KEEP CALM AND (do what)?