*NEW* The Disintegrated House by Nicole Castro


*NEW* The Disintegrated House by Nicole Castro

Carter Linsey will never trust anyone ever again. After being betrayed by his wife and committing a felony because of it, Carter starts his life over and concentrates on his successful bar, Levity. He refuses to date or even have meaningless sex, afraid it will lead to yet another lapse in judgment. But when sexy, now grown-up, redhead Alexi Dancic comes back into town and his life, he can’t resist the pull she has on him. When the thin thread of trust Alexi gains is snapped, Carter pushes her away, unwilling to have his world ripped from him- again. Knowing exactly the kind of devastating experiences the big bar owner has endured, Alexi refuses to let him go. But tearing down walls is so much harder than building them up.

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FREE Ebook! 5 Star rating on Amazon – A PRECISE MOMENT


FREE Ebook! 5 Star rating on Amazon - A PRECISE MOMENT

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It’s a rough life…


It's a rough life...

Look at these two. Yeah, looks like such a hard time at the photoshoot.

Only $1.69 (not even 7 quarters!!) for my male perspective e-novella THE APPLETON HOUSE!!


My new leading man – Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)


My new leading man - Aaron Strauss (Nicholas Hoult)

I’m going for something a little different this time- a suspense type of book instead of a romance. I am not going to reveal the name of this new ebook until it is ready for publishing. Let’s keep some mystery since it is a suspense, eh? Let’s just say it involves a CIA agent and his training set in Paris. I’m going to enjoy this wild new ride!

REAL TALK: Ashe Whitaker from The Appleton House


REAL TALK: Ashe Whitaker from The Appleton House

My writing might be a little crass, especially when writing as my male MC, but that’s why I love it. I really enjoyed writing from the male perspective and I hope that I did it justice. I am very boyish (on the inside!) and tried to convey his thoughts as best I could- I basically took down any censor. Download Ashe’s story here for only $1.69 and leave feedback on amazon or goodreads! http://www.amazon.com/The-Appleton-House-ebook/dp/B00ERV1VB0/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1377609112&sr=1-5

The Appleton House HAS BEEN RELEASED!


The Appleton House HAS BEEN RELEASED!

This romantic novella has adult language, sexual content, and is told from the male perspective.
Master carpenter Ashe Whitaker is excited to work on the historic bed and breakfast, The Appleton House, but the owner’s daughter proves to be a distraction. Finding out that fun-loving Perry is engaged is only a minor set-back. He’s been an idiot fiancé before and knows just what seeds of doubt to plant in order to get her into his bed. Ashe knows Perry wants him and exposes her sinfully shameless side. But Ashe’s forever-a-bachelor reputation is in jeopardy when Perry threatens to nail down his heart instead of being just another notch in his tool belt.

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