~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!


~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!

Everyone loves Superman- especially now that he is being played by hot British actor Henry Cavill. Check out the recent interview I did with henrycavill.org and read how I used him as inspiration for my historical romance novel, THE DUCHESS’ RING.


What’s $2 to you? It’s a treasure to me!


What's $2 to you? It's a treasure to me!

A pack of gum? A cup of coffee? A lottery ticket? You can’t even get a Starbucks for that much. To me, it’s affirmation. Someone purchased my ebook because they thought it would be worth at least that much in entertainment. It’s positive reinforcement to keep writing. Even if it weren’t given a 5 star review, someone read it. Hopefully read it all. Either way, they helped me- encouraged me to write more or to write better. Loved it or hated it, I have to thank anyone that has read my work.