*NEW* The Disintegrated House by Nicole Castro


*NEW* The Disintegrated House by Nicole Castro

Carter Linsey will never trust anyone ever again. After being betrayed by his wife and committing a felony because of it, Carter starts his life over and concentrates on his successful bar, Levity. He refuses to date or even have meaningless sex, afraid it will lead to yet another lapse in judgment. But when sexy, now grown-up, redhead Alexi Dancic comes back into town and his life, he can’t resist the pull she has on him. When the thin thread of trust Alexi gains is snapped, Carter pushes her away, unwilling to have his world ripped from him- again. Knowing exactly the kind of devastating experiences the big bar owner has endured, Alexi refuses to let him go. But tearing down walls is so much harder than building them up.

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FREE Ebook! 5 Star rating on Amazon – A PRECISE MOMENT


FREE Ebook! 5 Star rating on Amazon - A PRECISE MOMENT

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