~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!


~~BRAND NEW Interview~~ with henrycavill.org!

Everyone loves Superman- especially now that he is being played by hot British actor Henry Cavill. Check out the recent interview I did with henrycavill.org and read how I used him as inspiration for my historical romance novel, THE DUCHESS’ RING.


Why yes I’ll examine you- book review requests accepted.


Why yes I'll examine you- book review requests accepted.

There are plenty of people out there that will review your book for FREE. Do not pay someone to review your book! Use Twitter to find sites for book reviews. This one alone has a shitake ton of reviewers! http://www.booktweetingservice.com/p/like-free-review.html
The one I chose answered right away. There are many resources out there- you just have to find them.
Twitter: Follow all authors in your genre. Follow all publishing houses and literary agents. Not only will you make friends, someone might actually remember your name if/when it comes up. Be genuine and friendly. It can’t hurt. 🙂 Plus you might make someone’s day!